10 School Fundraising Ideas That Take Little to No Effort

Brochure fundraising is your best bet if you’d prefer to collect the money first. We’ll send each student brochures, order forms, and money collection envelopes. After two weeks of selling, send us your order forms for processing.
Once your supporter scratches off a few scratch dots to reveal their donation, they receive a sheet of coupons that has a value of over $50 at local restaurants and other retailers. It’s a great way to help them feel involved and in-the-know. Also, it will decrease your stress if there happen to be any complaints after the fundraiser. Check with your local paintball parks to see if any would be willing to share the proceeds with your school for hosting an event there. Host a market-style event where they all set up their wares to sell!
Set a participation fee and solicit donations for the supplies. Everyone enjoys participating in obstacle courses, so there should be a steady stream of donations. Naming privileges are more than just reserved for large donors. Sell naming rights to a lecture hall seat or a wall block to a single student donor who donates the most money. Plan a week during which the pupils walk to school rather than using a car.
In high school fundraisers , you’ll have a visually appealing piece of clothing that your top supporters will be happy to buy and wear. A car wash is one of the most popular fundraisers for all sorts of organizations⁠—schools included! Looking to raise money during the summer, prior to the back-to-school season⁠—or even during winter or spring breaks? Hosting a sports camp can be a fantastic way to engage with your community. Not to mention, this can be a particularly great option for high schools⁠—especially those fundraising for their athletic programs. Charity auctions are some of the most engaging and effective fundraising ideas for schools.
You can also let every high school student participating in the walk-a-thon raise money with their own fundraising campaign. Friends, family, and neighbors would love to cheer for them while also donating some money. This peer-to-peer fundraising method usually works great for fundraisers like this. High school fundraising ideas involve older students, thus opening the door to more fun and the potential for raising funds for your school. Elementary school fundraising ideas mostly involve teachers and parents for supervision and hence, the school gets an opportunity to involve more people and boost its outreach.
Creating student-approved events is a great idea when planning elementary school fundraisers, but let’s not leave out the parents! A parents’ party is a fun event that brings parents together to rally for a good cause. Plenty of these school fundraising ideas are COVID-safe, and others can be used once the pandemic has fully subsided.
Just make sure to consider any dietary restrictions with the kids in the winning classroom. You may need to find some gluten-free or dairy-free options for any kind of party you throw. Instead of normal classroom tasks, the students might be allowed to watch movies or play games for the day as a reward for hitting certain goals. Fun and unique incentives like this can help make a difference with the students.