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We can help make sure you’re on the right track to green card status and permanent residency in the U.S. Non-immigrant visas like H1B’s and L1’s are both of dual intent. This means that you’re given the option to apply for green card status while under those permits. Even under foreign work visas such as an H-1B, there is still a fear of deportation.
Or l1a interview questions may get a 221g , in that case you have to stay in Canada till your case is adjudicated. Book your hotel & flight tickets well advance once you confirm the visa interview date so that you will save some money. In Ottawa, I had stayed in ByWard Blue Inn – 5 minutes’ walk from consulate – and Hampton Inn during my 2 trips for visa stamping.
As part of these concerns, the visa-holder may wonder if his or her spouse and children are permitted to accompany the worker to the United States. And if so, the worker may also wonder if his or her spouse will be permitted to work while living in the country. The L-1 applicant may take the original of the I-797 approval notice to a U.S. consulate abroad and apply for an L-1 visa. Usually, the consulate to which a visa application is made is in the intending nonimmigrant’s home country. However, since the nature of work for multinational corporations frequently involves foreign postings, it is sometimes possible to obtain the L-1 visa in a third country. Foreign nationals who have worked outside the United States for a parent, subsidiary, or affiliate of the U.S. company on a full-time basis for one continuous year out of the last three years may qualify for L-1 classification.
Secondly, multinational employers who do not have an office or branch in the U.S. may opt to send an employee under an L1 visa to establish one. There are a few limitations to the process, but upon successfully establishing an office, the U.S. employer may then send multiple L1 holders to work there. Firstly, employers can utilize theblanket visa optionwhich enables them to file only a single petition for many employees, vastly reducing the amount of paperwork required for each employee. It is available if the companies have either a combined revenue of at least $25 million or a minimum of 1,000 employees in the U.S. This option is highly beneficial for large companies that require the presence of numerous employees in the U.S within short notice.
You can get an E2 visa only if you are from an E2 treaty country . On the other hand, people from any country can apply for an L1 visa. Immigration Service is approximately days or receipt of notice requesting additional documentation or evidence to support application. In the latter case, we will work with the client to provide the additional information to the U.S. Immigration Service and we will prepare a response with the appropriate analysis and legal argument.
In the case of an L1B specialized knowledge worker, the business plan should cover why that specialized knowledge is critical to the success of the domestic operations of the business. Using our fulfillment example, perhaps that individual possesses specialized knowledge on the construction of a unique piece of equipment and that specialized knowledge cannot easily be replicated. Essentially, what USCIS is looking for is executive control over major decisions for the domestic operations or extensive managerial duties over people or contracts with little or no oversight from others. It is for this reason that there are no hard-set planned personnel requirements for L1A. A department manager may manage a dozen or more employees of the company, or a contract manager may manage contractor relations that are vital to the business.
Additionally, you benefit from cultural and local knowledge that adjudicators at USCIS may not possess, making it easier to spot misrepresentation. Certain petitioners seeking the classification of multiple beneficiaries as intracompany transferees may file a single blanket petition with DHS. Qualified petitioners must use Form I-129 to file for approval of a blanket petition with the USCIS Service Center having jurisdiction over the area where the petitioner is located. Form I-129 must also be filed in advance with the appropriate USCIS Service Center for Canadian citizens who wish to enter the United States as L nonimmigrants under the blanket petition provision. The USCIS Service Center is required to notify the petitioner of the approval of a blanket petition within 30 days after a completed petition has been filed.