Local SEO Plugin for WordPress by AIOSEO Get Higher Rankings

You know you need local SEO if you see that you’re not ranking locally or you need more leads and clients. It’s important to know that the ROI from local SEO is higher than other marketing initiatives. With more than 87.3 percent of the US population using the internet, you can be sure that a portion of those is locals looking for your business. So regardless of competition, there’s a lot of opportunities out there that you don’t want your local business to miss out on. Search engine optimization encompasses all areas of your website that relate to improving your search visibility, traffic, and conversion.
Apart from technically optimizing your website for local searches, writing specifically for a local audience on your website is a great idea too. Local SEO, on the contrary, is focused on ranking higher in your local area. Especially now, in the COVID-19 pandemic, when people are trying to reach you more often online than offline, it’s worth investing in it. Getting found online by your local audience highly increases your business’s chances of survival in these times. Here, we’ll explain what local SEO is, and we’ll guide you to more in-depth readings to help you make your website findable in your area.
Once you enter your keyword in the “Search Quora” box, the magic begins to unfold. For instance, when I searched for “fertility clinic Ohio,” some interesting long-tail keywords suitable for blog posts popped up. If your entire business focuses on pay-per-click ads, local SEO can help you reduce that cost, especially as a specialized professional. For instance, a small business owner that owns a restaurant could save $2.98 for every user click . But imagine receiving Marketing Automation per month from local SEO; in a year, that’s a savings of $1,788 from just one keyword.
It helps drive traffic to your physical location by making your business information visible to searchers in your local area . Darren Shaw of Whitespark gave a presentation on the impact of citations to local rankings. He discovered that the law of diminishing return applies to the quantity of citations earned.
Maybe it’s time to introduce it to appeal to an even bigger audience. You can then optimize your GMB SEO by sharing updates about your new seating arrangement, for instance. And the best part is, not every local search page features sponsored results. So your business could sit prominently at the top of the search results page, as you can see below.
Check out the section below for some ideas on how to understand that. The other factor is how much a new client or customer is worth to your business. If you provide a high margin service and / or have a high average transaction, it’s generally possible for SEO to generate a positive return in the short to medium term. Let’s say, for example, a new customer is worth $200 to your business in terms of bottom line impact. If you’re able to drive 4 incremental customers over the course of 12 months after a $750 Local SEO clean up project, you’ve generated a positive ROI in your first year. If those same customers are only worth $20 each, you’d need 40 incremental customers for the same math to work out.
Many different directories help people find local services, and you should make sure you’re listed on there. It can also help to set up social media accounts where you can directly interact with your customers. These sites give you a chance to directly market and advertise to your customers while giving them a platform to leave reviews, comments, or questions.